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Dangerous Flamingo is a Pembrokeshire based gigging band of 4 initially brought together to develop the original music of both Lisa and Ali Moore. Our music brings together jazz, country, blues and Americana as Lisa leans to country/folk and Ali's songs and voice have blues and jazz tones. We use much harmony in our music and are joined by inspiring lead guitar from Simon Pettit and a rich driving bass from Jonathan David. 

" I’m really liking Dangerous Flamingo, really good, and the voices are brilliant"

BB Skone, Pure West Radio

Dangerous Flamingo Pure West ‘Artists of the week

Video - Song: FREEDOM

Written by Lisa Flude

Performed at The Cellar, Cardigan

Please get in touch, we are available for gigs!

Dangerous Flamingo: Text
Dangerous Flamingo: Video
Dangerous Flamingo: Text
Dangerous Flamingo: Image
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